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Whether you own a business or your ministry is looking to expand its capabilities. Saltshaker Payment systems is a trusted partner that shares your values.

Devices that integrate with our gateway

Quick Funding

Same-day and next-day funding

Devices we can provide...

Point of Sale

Terminals, Mobile Phone adapters, On-Line stores, wherever you need to accept payment we have solutions for you.


Cash discount options allow the customer to save money on every transaction, and can cover a transaction cost for the merchant by adding a surcharge on every credit/debit transaction.


Check transactions help reduce costs, saving you on every transaction.


Risk Management

Help protect your business with industry leading fraud and charge backs protection.

It is essential in today's ever chaning marketplace, that you give your business or non-profit organization the foundation it needs.


We are committed to providing competitive processing rates, state-of-the-art payment processing solutions, the highest level of security, and superior products